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Introducing the UK’s first portable Pancake/Crepe bar! Our stylish mobile unit is the perfect alternative to a Crepe Van and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Our diverse menu includes both sweet and savoury dishes. In addition we can also cater for Vegans and those with Gluten allergies What’s not to love!

Malcolm Sawyers, founder of Plush Pancakes, had been an avid consumer of Crepes and Pancakes for years! Working throughout London as a DJ afforded him the luxury of performing at a multitude of events. It also gave him an opportunity to identify what he perceived to be a gaping hole in the British catering industry. Seeking a new challenge and frustrated by the lack of Crepes Vans available at the events he attended Malcolm designed his own stylish mobile bar. Now, as a certified Crepe and Pancake, maker he’s ready to share this incredible food with you!

So, what do we do?

Our mobile bar is designed to cater for any indoor event! Check out some of our trademark features below

Plush Pancake Bar
portable pancakes

Our portable bars were manufactured exquisitely and are capable of adorning any venue. Their unique design means that they’re also highly adaptable and can be assembled in a matter of minutes.

Freshly made food

All of our recipes are prepared in full view of our customers. We source the finest ingredients and take great pleasure in being able to prepare, garnish and then serve our delicious food on the spot.

Food Hygiene Rating

We focus a great deal on how our food is prepared and we currently have a 5 star Food Hygiene rating. In addition we also have Public Liability Insurance and various other cooking qualifications.

The best of everything

All of our food is made with love. We go out of our way to source the best of everything and have worked to perfect our amazing recipes. We can’t wait to share our delightful cuisine with you!


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At Plush Pancakes we pride ourselves our our adaptability. As part of this we offer a number of different ways for our clients to operate their Pancake bars. You can view some information regarding your booking options below.

PAY AS YOU go bar

 ‘A Pay as you Go’ bar requires your guests to buy their own food. This is an attractive option for party organisers who want to relive themselves of the financial burden of contributing to the cost of running a bar. Operating your bar in this way can also work well if you suspect that you’ll have some guests who’ll want to eat more food than others


Operating a Free Bar is a fantastic way for you to treat your guests! If you opt to run your bar using this model bar your guests will receive food entirely at your expense. Our prices for running a bar in this way would vary depending on how many guests you’re expecting and how many other caters will be supplying food at your event.

voucher bar

A voucher bar is in many ways a combination between a ‘Free Bar’ and a ‘Pay as you Go bar’. As party organiser you’ll agree to pay for a certain amount of food for your guests before allocating them each with a voucher that they can use to redeem their food. Once all vouchers have been used your guests will be required to pay for their own Crepes and Pancakes.

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